"The School of Education faculty is committed to providing educational experiences that ... develop competency in content knowledge, reflective practices, collaborative interactions, and educational leadership." As an educator I believe strongly in the William and Mary School of Education philosophy about teacher preparedness. Throughout my training and outside various experiences I have shown promise in these four primary competencies, which are important to continually practice in order to be an effective educator.
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I have taken courses, constructed academic units for various elementary age groups, and conducted research in the various elementary subjects in order to become a content expert in the field. I am continually looking for new and updated information about major educational topics to present the most relevant and accurate information in my pedagogy as possible. I like to refer to myself as a lifelong learner as an educator and instill this idea of constant, continually learning in my students as well. I have rehearsed the organization and presentation of various topics of content knowledge in order to best transfer the information from my intellectual processing to my students. I want my students to understand my role as an educating authoritative figure but also as a peer learning alongside of them throughout the year. There will be situations when I learn from them just as they learn from me. The classroom should be a place of learning for all involved parties; students, teachers, paraprofessionals, families, and all the alike.


Throughout my educational experiences thus far I have actively reflected upon my ideologies with myself, others in the field, and the world around me. I am challenging my beliefs and stretching my perspectives as I meet new places and people. Teaching abroad in Malaysia in 2015 further stretched me and prepared me to approach any group of students with an open and conscientious mind. I am a reflective practitioner who has a strong belief in certain theological systems such as Gardner's theory of "Multiple Intelligences", yet also approaches different opinions or ideas with a listening ear to hear other perspectives. I love to understand what others think as well as learn other sides of the story. As I tell students in regards to social studies, there is always more to the story; more to find out; more to learn. I believe you should articulate and stand firm in what you belief but also be willing to gain new perspectives or knowledge from others. Connecting with the communities of people around you, in a reciprocal learning relationship is healthy for whichever community you are dealing with: your family your friends, your school, your neighborhood, your county, your state, your country, or the greater population of people across the world. Every person has a unique story and set of ideas; you are bound to learn something from everyone. As a teacher you reaffirm these ideas about relating with others, learning more about yourself, and understanding how to function in the world around you. Learning is a growing process and as a teacher you need to model this process as well as relay this to your students so that they have the tools to eventually learn and grow themselves beyond your classroom.

I believe strongly in collaborating with others. In any situation or any career, you will one way or another have to work in a group of people, which causes you to depend to some degree on the ideas or work ethic of others. As an educator I promote group learning in my classrooms as well as in my schools. Teachers and fellow educational professionals in the field need to demonstrate the aspects and different faces of teamwork to students by participating in teamwork themselves. I practice being an effective collaborator to learn from others, model cooperative learning and work for my students, engage in a process of learning, interact with other professionals to problem solve through relevant issues, and make positive connections with other individuals and groups of people.
School debate team posing with our 3rd place district medals after competition! Good job SMK Selising!

I believe it is my duty as a future educator to help shape the education system into a more effective and efficient organization that better prepares our students for their futures. There are many schools, school systems, or aspects of our American education system as well as other systems abroad which track students into narrowed opportunities which may or may not be best for those individual students. As educators we need to promote individuality in career readiness so students are actively thinking and planning for the future that is best for them. I want to work as an advocate for students in the field of education to prepare them with the skills sets needed to function in the greater society of our country and world at an earlier age. This includes bringing in socialization and appropriate language skills consistently into the classroom. I plan to be an educational leader, be active in educational research, and fight for the direction I believe education needs to move in, in order to meet the needs of our students to have them meet the expectations of society. While teaching in Malaysia I worked with several educators and others interested in the field of different social hierarchies. After building extensive relationships, I lead planning a statewide vocational arts camp for middle-achieving academic secondary students interested in arts to provide a unique opportunity and view of their potential futures. The event was a success and though there were planning and logistical challenges, I worked to coordinate with our eight partnering organizations, consider cultural factors, and promote effective collaboration for the success of the event as much as possible.


For my future in the field of education, I will take the ideologies from the William and Mary School of Education and my infinite experiences as I grow with me in every endeavor I take on professionally. I will keep best practices at the forefront of my dealings with students, fellow educators, and other professionals in the field. Students are the future and central to the educational system as well as societies at large. If we do not keep them central and fight for making our system more appropriate, more just, more generalizable, and yet, more personal for each student, we will keep failing our students and the future of our society. It is hard to accommodate and reach every student but that is a battle we need to fight as teachers and a goal we need to keep pushing toward. I hope to work my hardest to shape the field of education into a system that considers the diversity of our student populations to create policy, pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, management, career readiness programs, extracurricular activities, and every component in between to support the future generations of students in the best ways possible. We need to build strong foundations of knowledge and skills in them in order to build a better future for our society. Our goal; make our students learn and feel success to make them grow and build our future.

Something students made for me on social media after our beach clean up project where over 60 students, 5 guest American teachers, 15 Malaysian teachers from my school including the principal where involved in a full day of English activities.